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SRK-15® (Self-Rescue Kit)


Each worker has his own kit – assuring independent, immediate, and adaptable escape and self-rescue capability! The SRK-15® is used for the  self-rescue of any worker at height regardless of industry. This Kit has been field tested for over a decade and is used in multiple industries globally.

  • Tech Safety Lines’ unique escape and Self-Rescue Kit, utilizes high heat aramid fiber rope with a tensile strength exceeding 3045 kg.
  • The rope has an extensive chemical resistance from low pH to high pH.
  • The shelf life of the rope is 10 years.
  • The Descender (MCD-E) has a dual braking system, both an active brake and a passive brake.
  • The SRK-15® is certified for up to 180 meters.
  • The SRK bags have a “no-drop” loop stitched inside which ensures a no drop of the descent device during kit access.
  • The SRK bag is fabricated from a cut resistant ballistic fabric.

The SRK-15® is 3rd party certified by TÜV SÜD as being CE compliant for EN341: 2011/2D. We also offer the SRK-11® that is 3rd party certified by UL as meeting ANSI Z359.4.


(Small Packaged Assisted Rescue Kit)

The Tech Safety Lines SPARK is a component-based Assisted Rescue Kit. All components are easy to use and can be brought in to or taken out of, a rescue procedure, as no two rescues will be the same. Rescue considerations when designing the SPARK include hub/blade extractions, ladder/platform operations, and victim access/rescue from the top of the nacelle. Basic components of the SPARK include a self-contained 6:1 pulley system, anchor materials, and connective hardware.

CE Certified Components


StepWise® V-Leg Fall Arrest Lanyard: 1,8 m Free Fall

stepwise-y-legTech Safety Lines offers the patented StepWise® Y-Leg Fall Arrest Lanyard. The StepWise® has one shock pack with a built-in webbed ladder that can be deployed by the fallen worker. The ladder is attached to the lanyard, not the harness, providing a foothold from which to stand and relieve all pressure from the harness. This unique configuration transfers the weight above the worker’s dorsal connection, creating a place of refuge while awaiting rescue.

Also incorporated into the StepWise® Lanyard is an anchor point for use in conjunction with the SRK-15®. By using these two tools together, a fallen worker can perform a Self-Rescue – safely lowering oneself all the way to the ground without assistance from other workers.

Conforms to EN 355:2002
CE 0120

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