Elevated Emergency Management (EEM) Training

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The Next Step in rescue!  It is a fact: while victims suspended in their harness need relief and lowering as quickly as possible, many victims of up-tower accidents and
medical emergencies would benefit greatly from medical care and packaging before being lowered or assisted to the ground.

Elevated Emergency Management provides the knowledge and skills needed to perform basic first aid, victim stabilization, packaging and evacuation from remote, elevated work locations. Most rural emergency response teams do not have the training or tools to reach a victim that is often over 300’ aloft.  The primary purpose of the course is to have EEM–trained personnel on scene to understand the importance of patient assessment and rapid care when dealing with life-threatening injuries. Members trained in EEM will be able to provide a level of victim stabilization, wound protection, and quality of care that typical rescue providers do not offer. This ability takes advantage of the pre-hospital time period, thus maximizing patient survivability. Students will be instructed in first aid response, basic life support, victim and incident control, injury management, and patient evacuation in situations where professional medical assistance is impractical or untimely.

Course Duration: 2 days

Class Size: 4-6 students per instructor

Course Objectives

After successfully completing “Elevated Emergency Management”, students will be able to:

  • Recognize and manage an emergency in inaccessible locations
  • Insure scene safety for the rescuer and the victim
  • Prioritize care for life-threatening injuries
  • Recognize and care for traumatic injuries including burns, external bleeding, electrocution and amputation
  • Identify and care for muscle, bone, and joint injuries, including injuries to the head, neck, and back
  • Apply packaging and stabilization utilizing the Yates Spec Pak
  • Evacuate a victim with minimal disruption of care

Tech Safety Lines proudly utilizes members of Dallas Fire Department’s Tactical Rescue Team as instructors for the Elevated Emergency Management course. These trainers are also part of a statewide Urban Search & Rescue team, Texas Task Force 2. TSL is fortunate to have instructors with such a wide breadth of real-world rescue knowledge and experience!

Resource Materials

  • Tech Safety Lines Elevated Emergency Management Training student handbook
  • Wallet ID card
  • Certificate of Completion

Students gain certification by passing a final competency-based practical examination and assessment.

Elevated Emergency Management (EEM) Training Evaluation and Re-certification

Tech Safety Lines, Inc. offers evaluations and 1-day re-certification classes for students whose wallet ID cards have expired.

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