Safety & Rescue Training Worldwide

Receive training on-site or at one of Tech Safety Lines' training facilities in the United States, Europe, or the Middle East.

Provide your company with the confidence and education needed to be safe in the field with Tech Safety Lines. Tech Safety Lines' proudly utilizes members of the Dallas Fire Department's Technical Rescue Team and Urban Search & Rescue as instructors for our safety training courses. These experienced and certified professionals bring real-life simulated situations to our curriculum and make the environment fun, hands-on, and applicable.

TSL trainers will come to your site anywhere in the world. We also offer training at our US based facilities in Dallas, TX or Hagerstown, MD and at our international facilities in Europe or the Middle East. Multilingual training is also available.

Tech Safety Lines provides training to only employer sponsored individuals.

All Tech Safety Lines, Inc. rescue training programs meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI Z359.2-2017 regulations and safety standards.

North America Training Policy: Tech Safety Lines, Inc. (TSL) only sells our patented equipment to those that have successfully completed the TSL Training Portion of the TSL Rescue Program. Tech Safety Lines does not acknowledge initial training or re-certification training performed by an unauthorized 3rd party rescue training company. Wallet cards are not transferable from company to company and are only valid for the employer listed on the wallet card.



Tech Safety Lines' trainers are fire fighters, EMTs, and members of Urban Search & Rescue. These rescue experts bring real life experience to the TSL training curriculum. Students walk away with a holistic understanding of emergency environments and the tools to ensure they get home safe day after day.


We provide your company with custom solutions so that you can be confident your employees are safe in the field.


Receive an initial consultation where we will discuss your company's specific needs.


Establish a safety program with customized training courses and our multilingual global on-site training providers.


Work with our experts to solve your company’s unique safety challenges with custom designed equipment.


With a proven track record, we provide tailor-made solutions to multiple industries including aerospace, energy, and construction.

TSL’s trainers did a fantastic job and were extremely professional and informative in the way they presented the information needed to perform a safe rescue. The equipment is the best I have ever worked with. Thanks for the great training!

Michael Gardner, Bechtel

I really liked how the instructors had a vast knowledge of real world experience with the equipment instead of just knowing how it works best in a training setting.

Yeadon Reece, Pronto Solutions

The training was great! Our instructor made sure we knew exactly what to do no matter what type of situation we encountered. The hands on experience we had with the rescue gear was top notch and gave us the chance to get some practical experience which is what determines how well we utilize the gear if a situation ever arises.

Matthew Russell, Duke Energy