Evacuation & Self-Rescue Training: Construction

The Evacuation & Self-Rescue Training is a high angle rescue course concentrating on the various uses of the SRK-11® (ANSI certified Kit) or SRK-15®  (CE certified Kit) for the purpose of an evacuation and a self-rescue from an elevated work environment. Each student will learn to inspect and operate the dual-brake personal lowering device, as well as adjust the kit to his or her own body-weight in order to keep the kit event-ready in case of an emergency.

This training is beneficial to any construction worker at height in a hard to reach environment such as the rooftop of a stadium or a tower crane cab.

Each student must have appropriate PPE, including a full body harness, dual leg lanyard and any personal fall protection devices normally used.

Course Duration: 1 day 

Class Size: maximum 6 students per instructor

Tech Safety Lines’ rescue training programs meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI safety standards.

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Course Objectives

The majority of this class is held on an elevated structure. After becoming comfortable with the simple processes used with the SRK-11® or SRK-15®, students will perform and participate in several simulated escape and rescue scenarios. Each student is required to have a full body harness, helmet, gloves, eye protection, and appropriate clothing and footwear. Course Covers:

  • Pre-emergency Planning
  • Kit Preparation
  • Anchor Selection and Use
  • Escape & Emergency Egress
  • Self-Rescue from Post-fall Suspension
  • Evacuation of Incapacitated Co-worker
  • Equipment Care and Maintenance

Resource Materials