Tower Crane Rescue Training

In a time sensitive emergency, the combination of varied crane configurations, cab designs, plus uncertain availability of public responders adds up to just one thing:it’s the responsibility of on-scene personnel to save the life of the tower crane worker.

Course Duration: 3 days

Class Size: 4-6 students per instructor

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Course Objectives

Each student will learn efficient deployment methods and effective Kit preparation in order to be rescue-ready in the event of an emergency. Basic fall protection principles, climbing techniques, and pre-rescue readiness are explained and demonstrated.

Other course objectives include:

  • Pre-emergency planning
  • Equipment selection & use
  • Victim assessment
  • Anchor selection
  • Safe descent path identification
  • Suspension trauma awareness
  • Communications
  • Patient packaging and extraction
  • Raising and lowering
  • Equipment care & maintenance

The greater portion of the class is held on an elevated structure. After becoming comfortable with the simple processes used in the ARK® and the SRK-11® (ANSI standards) or SRK-15® (CE standards), students will perform and participate in several simulated rescue scenarios.

These exercises will include a variety of real-life situations:

  • Accessible victim
  • Suspended victim
  • Pick-offs
  • Self-rescue/refuge
  • Other challenging drills

Resource Materials