3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit™ XP Tower Climbing Harness (Model No. 1110301)

ExoFit™ XP delivers the ultimate in comfort. Its design incorporates a single piece of material that wraps around you in the shape of an X, for the ultimate in no-tangle donning and comfortable security. Its state-of-the-art 3-D mesh lining allows moisture to evaporate and cool air to circulate throughout the shoulder, back, hip and leg pads. This padding is removable and completely washable. XP materials are soft and lightweight, yet extremely durable.

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    • Removable shoulder, back and leg comfort padding
    • Stand-up back D-ring with impact indicator
    • Front D-ring
    • Body belt/hip pad with side D-rings
    • Removable seat sling with aluminum board and suspension D-rings
    • Quick connect chest and leg straps
    • Soft, lightweight webbing
    • Built-in lanyard keepers
    • Parachute torso adjusters
    • Protected labels, equipped with i-Safe™

Back D-ring, belt with pad and side D-rings, seat sling with suspension D-rings, quick connect buckle leg straps, built-in comfort padding (size Medium).