6 ft. FF StepWise Dual Leg Lanyard

Tech Safety Lines offers the patented StepWise® Dual Leg Fall Arrest Lanyard. The StepWise® has one shock pack with a built-in webbed ladder inside the leg that can be deployed by the fallen worker. This ladder provides the victim a foothold to relieve pressure from his harness, thus allowing a place of refuge while waiting to be rescued.

Also incorporated into the StepWise® Lanyard is an anchor point for use in conjunction with the SRK-11®. By using these two tools together, a fallen worker can perform a Self-Rescue – safely lowering oneself all the way to the ground without assistance from other workers.

The StepWise Fall Arrest Lanyard is 3rd party certified by Underwriters Laboratory in accordance with ANSI/ASSE Z359.13-2013.

TSL is honored to have been awarded by ASSP for the patented StepWise Fall Arrest Lanyard:

  • ASSP Safety 2014 Expo Attendee’s Choice Award
  • ASSP Safety 2014 Expo Reader’s Choice Award
  • ASSP Safety 2016 Expo Attendee’s Choice Award
  • ASSP Safety 2016 Expo Reader’s Choice Award


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Lanyard Length: 6 ft.
Free Fall Length: 6 ft.
Lanyard Weight: 4.9 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 130 – 310 lbs.
Construction Material: Polyester
Connector Material: Aluminium