ARK® (Assisted Rescue Kit)

The Tech Safety Lines’ ARK® (Assisted Rescue Kit) enables just one person to successfully perform an assisted rescue in minutes. This is the all hazards team rescue kit. From a tower crane to an oil derrick, this versatile rescue system can be adapted to any emergency at height:

  • Direct: The victim is easily accessible
  • Remote: The victim is suspended out of reach
  • Pick-Off: The rescuer accompanies the victim to the ground

The Rope Rider® is 3rd party certified by Underwriters Laboratories in accordance with:

  • ANSI/ASSP Z359.4-2013
  • ANSI/ASSP A10.32-2012

Please contact us for pricing and further information about the ARK (Assisted Rescue Kit) and the training required.

North America Training Policy: Tech Safety Lines, Inc. (TSL) only sells our patented equipment to those that have successfully completed the TSL Training Portion of the TSL Rescue Program. Tech Safety Lines does not acknowledge initial training, or re-certification training, performed by a 3rd party rescue training company. Wallet cards are not transferable from company to company and are only valid for the employer listed on the wallet card.

Download ARK PDF Product Overview




The ARK® features:

  • Adaptable components
  • The RopeRider®, a dual brake, easy to use controlled descender – Certified by UL
  • An efficient 6:1 mechanical advantage
  • Customized rope length up to 600 ft.
  • The ARK® is rated for a two-person rescue descent

Weight Capacity: 
1 person: 130-310 lbs.
2 person (RESCUE) Max: 620 lbs.

Max Rope Length for Rescue: 600 ft.