BEK (Blade Extraction Kit)

The Tech Safety Lines’ BEK (Blade Extraction Kit) enables a wind turbine rescue of a disabled worker from deep inside the turbine blade interior back to the hub. The BEK features a pre-assembled 4:1 haul system with sealed, high-efficiency pulleys to manage the weight of an incapacitated worker. The 36 meter Tag Rope is attached to the worker entering the blade and is used as a retrieval line to bring the worker back to the nacelle.

For wind turbine rescue, the user-friendly BEK comes with all necessary components to extract an unconscious worker from a horizontally positioned blade.

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The BEK includes:

  • 4:1 Haul System
  • Tag Rope
  • Ropeman Grab
  • Anchor Slings
  • Carabiners
  • Bag