Derrick Worker Rescue Kit

The Tech Safety Lines’ Derrick Worker Rescue Kit allows for a worker to perform 3 basic rescue scenarios: a direct rescue, a remote rescue and a pick-off. It is a rope based rescue kit which provides complete coverage of the rig, including the crow’s nest, tubing board and ladder. This versatile rescue system can be adapted to any emergency at height.


Max Rope Length for Rescue: 600 ft.

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The Derrick Worker Rescue Kit features:

  • The Rope Rider®, a dual brake, easy to use controlled descender. UL Certified.
  • An efficient 6:1 mechanical advantage used in transferring a victim’s weight from his fall arrest over to the descent line.
  • Tag Line Kit to control body during descent.
  • All rope comes with terminated ends to facilitate ease of use and eliminate knot tying for rescuer.

Weight Capacity: 
1 person: 130-310 lbs.
2 person (RESCUE) Max: 620 lbs.