SRK-11® (Micro Self-Rescue Kit)

The SRK-11® is used for the self-rescue and evacuation of any worker at height regardless of industry. This ANSI compliant self-rescue kit has been field tested for over a decade and is used in multiple industries globally.

The SRK-11® assures an independent, immediate, and adaptable evacuation and self-rescue capability.

This micro rescue kit is easy to use, compact, and lightweight – the 50 ft kit weighs 2.5 lbs and the 300 ft kit weighs 7.4 lbs. Custom rope lengths are available.

The adaptable SRK-11® can also be paired with a StepWise Lanyard to perform a self-rescue after all fall. Please visit the video section for a demonstration of the SRK-11® used for an evacuation and to perform a self-rescue after a fall from an aerial lift.

The SRK-11® micro rescue kit can also be inverted and used for an assisted rescue.


3rd party certified up to 600 ft by UL as meeting ANSI/ASSE Z359.4-2013.

The CE certified model of this kit is the SRK-15.

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  • Tech Safety Lines’ unique escape and Self-Rescue Kit, utilizes high heat aramid fiber rope with a tensile strength exceeding 6,700 lbs.
  • The rope has an extensive chemical resistance from low pH to high pH.
  • The service life of the rope is 10 years.
  • The Descender (MCDII) has a dual braking system, both an active brake and a passive brake.
  • The SRK-11® is certified for up to 180 meters, or 600 feet.
  • The SRK bags have a “no-drop” loop stitched inside which ensures a no drop of the descent device during kit access.
  • The SRK bag is fabricated from a cut resistant ballistic fabric.