Vertical Lifeline Kit

Our Vertical Lifeline Kit is designed for belaying and to protect against falls from height.

Simple to use, and effective:

  • ASAP mobile fall arrester moves up or down the rope without manual manipulation of the device.
  • This kit is pre-assembled and ready to use, limiting the risk of assembly error.
  • Weight facilitates rope glide in the ASAP over the first few meters.
  • Rope Bag allows the kit to be stored and its contents identified.

Please contact us for pricing and further information.

Download VEK PDF Product Overview



  • 11.5 mm Yellow Static Rope (Custom lengths available)
  • Heavy Duty Anchor Strap
  • 1 Steel Carabiner
  • 1 ANSI/CSA/CE Carabiners
  • Canvas Edge Protection
  • ASAP® LOCK and ASAP’SORBER Lanyard
  • 1 ANSI/CE/CSA Carabiner